The Shadow

The Shadow is a reclusive area, home to dark and evil things in Elandaria. Primarily home to the Drow race, it is perpetually shrouded in darkness, hence it’s name. The Darkness can be seen from afar, sailors often telling tales of strange occurences when sailing past it.

The creatures that hide within the Darkness stir once in awhile, coming out of their hiding to raid areas close to the Darkness, and slowly the Darkness spread over conquered land, adding to the domain the Shadow.

In recent years, after finishing his conquest of Midderus, King Lothar Sol organised and led many expeditions into the Shadow, all proving unsuccessful as the larger part of the expeditions was slain or captured by Drow or Duergar on all expeditions.

Unknown to outsiders, The Underdark stretches underneath The Shadow.

Cities in The Shadow: Old Varathimir

The Shadow

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